Find here the detailed technical specifications of our aircraft available.

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Aviation Workshop

Maintenance and Repair of Helicopters and its dynamic components.

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Aircraft Monitoring System

Allows Real-time satellite tracking, telemetry and communication with our operational flights.

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SARA Control System

Resource Management System Aeronautical SARA Access to the General Statistical Information System.

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CBT Simulator

Enter Here to see pictures of CBT (Computer Based Training).

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Aviheco S.A. is a company with over 10 years experience in Air Transport and the provision of Helicopter Maintenance Services.

We invite you to discover our full range of services, we're sure they provide high standards of quality and safety to our customers.

Here we relate a summary of our major services


Aviheco S.A is proud to present our newest website.

We renewed our website to offer our customers more information about the trajectory of AVIHECO S.A. as a leader in the provision of air transport services, of cargo and passengers in helicopters.

You will also find detailed description of our aircraft fleet, maintenance, quality and safety standards supported by various certificates, photos, videos and much more.


Awards and Honours

G.S.S. Geophysics Systems and Solutions.

Through his participation with over 440 hours of operation in the last quarter of 2008, supporting our projects: Niscota and Jagüeyes are examples of well matched confidence in Aviheco by GSS. We are pleased to acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of its crew and staff, and mention that it will be a source of great satisfaction for GSS to continue counting with your support in our future projects.


We recommend Aviheco S.A. for providing air transportation services in Bell 206 helicopters to the members of the companies of the Air Safety Committee of the Colombian Safety Council.


Aviheco S.A. have been working permanently in the implementation of manuals and procedures to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation and in the proper development of manuals and procedures. Aviheco S.A. checks its objectives, standards and policies and operational services. They have Respected the recommendations made by Schlumberger and the company is in a very good process of continuous improvement.

In Aviheco we are proud of our new facility!